Doing These 5 Things Can Lower Your Chances of Getting Pregnant


People fall in love, marry and dream of having a family. For some, this dream turns out to be nothing more than just a dream. Tragic, is it not? How good would it be if such a nightmare never becomes your reality! Do not worry because you still have time. Keep that hope and read on.

Bearing a baby is a blessing for a woman. It is a beautiful journey she travels from being a girl to a complete woman. However, some of her activities now can eclipse this happiness. Not only the lifestyle affects the health of a baby while he grows in her womb but the current manner of living can also hamper a woman’s chances of carrying one.

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Enumerated below are the factors which bring down one’s chance of getting pregnant.

#1. Smoking Cigarettes

Most of the adults these days are into the habit of smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. While for men, it is a ‘cool‘ trend, women too have succumbed to this disaster roll. However, for the pleasure of the moment, they pose a threat to their womanhood. Smoking has been a cause to 13% of all infertility cases.

Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar which does not allow healthy chromosomal growth of ovarian eggs. The smoke interferes with the composition of DNA and some of the hormones. Even moderate or passive smoking is known to show similar effects. Menopause occurs earlier in women who smoke rather than in those who do not (one to four years earlier).

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#2. Unprotected Sex

A casual fling can be entertaining and relaxing for a night or two but regularly engaging in such kinds of pleasurable acts with different partners is not quite right. It increases the transfer of STI/STD’s among the partners, some of which may cause infertility. Topping this list are Chlamydia and gonorrhea that cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility even though the woman contracts them during the gestation period.

Chlamydia can permanently damage fallopian tubes without bringing up any symptoms until the woman experiences trouble in having a baby. If a baby takes up Chlamydia in the womb, along with premature birth, it may cause eye infections and pneumonia in the baby. However, vaginal infections do not have much effect on pregnancy.

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Unprotected Sex - Reasons why a woman can't get pregnant

#3. Alcohol

After spending your day amidst the hectic schedule, if you are used to having shots and chill out, it may prove a little costly to you. As per evidence, light drinking is okay but heavy drinking is associated with ovulation disorders. A study showed that those who drank most were more prone to seek infertility treatment.

Partying can induce one to practice other activities like smoking, unprotected sex, etc. which is also one of the reasons that ruin your chances of pregnancy. Too much alcohol leads to premature birth and ill-health of the baby.

Alcohol depresses adrenal glands and decreases the ejection of its hormones. Sugar present in alcoholic beverages leads to hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, nutrient deficiency and lesser immunity which lowers the chances of getting pregnant. Frequent consumption of high amount of alcohol causes menstrual disorders, suppressed ovulation and difficulty for sperm to travel through the fallopian tube.

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Alcohol and smoking - Reasons for not getting pregnant

#4. Improper Body Weight

To have a productive time before pregnancy, you need to maintain an ideal body weight. Amassing extra pounds or losing the essential ones both have their disadvantages. Infertility may result from either obesity or being too thin. Improper body weight has a direct effect on pituitary gland, thus, decreasing its secretions.

Obesity interferes with normal hormonal discharge and affects fertility. An overweight woman has maximum chances of miscarriage. More the weight, less ovarian functions! Increased weight at an early age causes Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This syndrome is responsible for infertility and hormonal imbalance.

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Fewer amounts of calorie uptake and vigorous exercise makes it difficult for a woman to ovulate normally and conceive although a low BMI has less disastrous effect on a woman’s health than obesity. The body refuses to bear a baby if you do not have enough fat storage for him. Low weight reduces the release of hunger and satiety hormone – leptin. This hormone results in complete absence of menstrual cycles.

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#5. Products Interfering With Normal Hormonal Function

Chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), found in common consumer products and plastics are found to affect fertility. It imitates hormones and disturbs the endocrine system which is responsible for proper fetal development. They are harmful for the fetus even in tiniest amount. Environmental pollutants, pesticides and industrial toxins can lower the chances of a couple to have a baby. Some of these chemicals bring about early menopause.

Products Interfering With Normal Hormonal Function

Perfluoronated chemicals (PFC’s) found in Teflons affects menstrual period. Cleaning products and personal care products decreases the quality of women’s reproductive system. Not only this, cosmetics are also found to contain harmful compounds. So it is better to bring into use body-friendly organic substances and avoid using artificial fragrant products.

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They say all romantic life between a husband and wife start with those three words, “I LOVE YOU” and ends with these three words, “I AM PREGNANT”. But let this saying be only a joke. Instead of avoiding these three words, let us avoid the five above.