4 Simple Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away

How to keep cockroaches away

Of all the pests that invade your home, cockroaches are probably the worst. They eat everything in sight, and the germs and dirt stuck on their legs ends up contaminating your food. They can also squeeze into the narrowest of spaces and hide in the tiniest holes. Besides, they breed really quickly, so you can have a large infestation on your hands within no time.

We list four simple ways to control cockroaches in your home:

1. Wipe Up Food Spills At Once

Nothing attracts cockroaches more than the prospect of feasting on exposed food. It could be a splash of sauce on the table, or a piece of potato you dropped on the floor. It could even be the rotting food in your trash bin – yes, cockroaches are disgusting enough to eat rotting food too. Roaches can, and do, eat practically anything they can find, from wasted food to dead animals, fresh food spills to days-old juice. They don’t spare crumbs, either. So wipe up all cooking tops, kitchen counters and floors the moment you notice any crumbs or spills. If necessary, wipe down the surfaces with a strong disinfectant cleaner.

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2. Don’t Let Wet Waste Sit For More Than 24 Hours

Wet waste comprises all the raw food items and liquids that you dump in the trash. They are biodegradable, and they begin to ferment within just a few hours. If the wet waste is not cleared every single day, it may give rise to worms and bacterial growths. More to the point, a wet waste bin is Paradise City for cockroaches! Do make it a point to line the wet waste bin with a sturdy bin liner, and throw out the bag every single day. Wash the bin once a week with disinfectant liquid.

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3. Spray The House Liberally With Cockroach Killer

You should invest in a can of cockroach repellent or killer spray. These sprays are a great weapon for cockroach control. Cockroach killer sprays work by dissolving the oily layer on the roach’s body, thus penetrating the exoskeleton and entering the cockroach’s body. The spray then dries out the cockroach’s body and kills it. Meanwhile, cockroach repellent sprays create a noxious environment that repels the cockroach and discourages it from venturing too close.

Every night, spray the cockroach repellent down the sink drain, bathroom and toilet drain, around the trash cans and in hidden corners where cockroaches lurk. The creatures will soon flee.

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4. Sanitise The House Every Week

Sanitising all the nooks and crannies in the house is not easy, but it is a necessary part of cockroach control. Use a strong disinfectant solution to mop the floors with, so that cockroaches are forced to leave the house. Meanwhile, spray the air with disinfectants so that the internal atmosphere becomes clean and fresh. You can even leave cockroach bait – either poisoned food, or sticky cardboard sheets, all over the house at night.

These are excellent remedies to trap cockroaches and dispose of them. If there are many cockroaches in the house, there must be a nest in the space under the sink or in the hidden corners of your bathroom. Locate the nest and douse it liberally with cockroach killer spray.

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We hope these tips help you rid your lovely home of cockroaches!