Workouts without Weights and Gym - 7 Body Weight Workouts You can Do Without Weights and Gym

7 Body Weight Workouts You can Do Without Weights and Gym

Body Weight Workouts without Weights and Gym

Let’s face it, a lot of us really do not have time to go to gym and often find ourselves stuck in a situation where we want to exercise at places like our home or a nearby park. A lot of people buy yearly gym membership packages with hope that they will burn away the body fat and gain good muscular body by going to the gym regularly.

I myself have been a victim to this. But, is the end result actually what we thought of? Boohoo, in my case it was going to the gym for around 15 times during whole year. Now I could have easily got a monthly gym membership, but the offers at the gym are so luring that you will end up buying their yearly package.

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After my membership was over, I again felt like exercising. But I was determined not to donate any more money to the local gyms.

Following, I will describe you the body-weight workouts that I followed then to get into a good body shape and high energy levels, without use of any dumbbells, rods or weight plates.

These body weight workouts comprise of a few simple to perform exercises. But do not be fooled by the simple nature of these exercises as they use almost all possible muscle groups and are good compound movement exercises. They target the bigger muscles groups of body like the shoulders, thighs and chest. This puts the body metabolism in a fast gear and burns away fat like crazy from whole body. You won’t be able to perform too many repetitions of them as such unless you train hard for a few times and get a good hold of them.

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1. Slow and Wide Push-ups

Perform slow push-ups with your arms spacing just over your shoulders width apart. If performed slowly and patiently, push-ups are one of the best forms of body weight workouts without any use of weights.

Wide push-ups

This will help you gain a good body shape by building some lean muscles and burn off fat really fast from your body. Perform at least 5 on the first day and increase by 1 every consecutive time you perform them.

2. Proper Posture Pull-Ups

Go to a park near your house and find a chinning bar where you can hang yourself. Place your hands just shoulder width apart and pull your body upwards. You can pull either with your hands facing you or the other way. Perform at least 3 on the first day and increase by 1 every consecutive time you perform them.

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pull ups

3. Slow Body-Weight Squats

Just as shown in image, put your hands at back of your head while in a vertical standing position. Now keeping your back straight, bend your knees till your thighs are parallel to the ground. This works wonders to burn off extra fat off your hips and belly. Perform at least 10 the first day you do it and increase by 1 every consecutive time you perform them.

Body-Weight Squats

4. Slow Body-Weight Lunges

Just like squats, but you need to take one step forward with either feet and then go down with your hands at the back of head and back straight. Squats and lunges are very fast cardio exercises and will increase metabolism to very high rates, thus burning off fat really fast. They are among the favorite cardio exercises on my list.

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body-weight lunges

5. Jumping Jacks

Refer to picture for more details. You need to do it with your chest up and back straight too. Perform 15 initially and keep on increasing the number every time you perform them.

Jumping Jacks

6. Sprinting or Steady Running

Now many people will suggest you to run for an hour or so. But let’s be more realistic, who has the time or energy to run for 60 minutes. As such, I have discovered that running gives the best results when you run faster and for shorter durations between 10-20 minutes. That keeps your muscles and lean weight loss to minimum and increases the metabolism to burn off maximum fat, giving you well toned looking body with a great shape.

Sprinting or Steady Running

7. Fast Cycling

Cycle fast and not in a slow and relaxed manner. Find a route with minimum vehicle and human obstructions and stick to that path when you do cycling, If you are cycling in a busy place, you will not be keep up the speed and momentum. Cycling is the best exercise for lower legs, glutes and thighs as well.

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Fast Cycling


All the above body weight exercises are very easy to perform and do not require any sort of investment on your part. So I have really not left you with any excuses to not go in and start exercising from today evening itself.

Please bear in mind that you need to follow healthy eating habits with any workouts you perform. Add some extra protein in your diet to reap a lot of  food benefits for your body. Exercising alone will not provide the best results that are obtainable.

Secondly, try to be consistent. Give them a try and try to stick with a schedule for at least a month to see the start of some god results. After that, you will be self motivated due to the results you will be seeing and the praise you will be getting.

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Hope you have enjoyed the above article and have gained good knowledge to get started with your body weight workouts without any equipment or extra weights. For more of such interesting and fun workout to build muscle and burn fat, remember to subscribe us.