Why Get Rid Of Carbs Before Working Out - Why Get Rid Of Carbs Before Working Out?

Why Get Rid Of Carbs Before Working Out?



We always want everything fast including getting in shape. But, there are no shortcuts to burning fats, not to mention, slimming down. You will have to sacrifice a little to get that shape you’ve always wanted, and that includes not eating carbs before you exercise.

On one side, you may think eating carbs before working out is okay as you will burn them anyway. On the other hand, you may also wonder if fueling up your body with carbs before exercising can just make your fat burning a little longer, even more difficult than not having eaten any carbs before your exercise.  This may sound like a personal discretion, but let’s see what reliable sources have to say about it. Should we eat carbs before a workout or not?

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#1. Misconceptions On The Things To Do Before Working Out


You may have heard varied suggestions, even myths about the right things to do before hitting the gym. Many have said that eating before working out is essential to performing well. Others would say fasting before exercising is better while some have concluded that eating carbs should be the first thing to do before working out. These pieces of information might have made you wondered, even confused and troubled. But, what is really the best thing to do before exercising? Do we really have to eat carbs before a workout? Or does it only delay our fat burning?

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#2. Effects Of Eating Carbs Before A Workout


For carbs lovers, sandwiches and pastas can be irresistible. So, not eating carbs before working out can pose a challenge. But, in case you are about to give in, here are the effects of eating carbs before an exercise you need to know:

  • It slows your body’s fat burning process

If you want to speed up your fat burning process, then, don’t eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates as doing so will only delay yourself from acquiring the body shape you desire. If you insist on eating carbs before going to the gym (because you just can’t help it), then, don’t expect to slim down too soon. Suffer the agony of waiting as a consequence.

  • It causes the hormone insulin to rise

Try consuming carbs before working out, and your insulin level will rise, researchers from the University of Texas say. If during your exercise your insulin elevates, chances are, your fat could not oxidize well. And you might ask why insulin rises; well, simply because carbs are rich in sugar. That explains it!

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#3. Pre-Workout Nutrition Programs

Pre-Workout Nutrition Programs

Are you eager to be in shape in no time? Remember, your goal is to lose fat, and fat loss doesn’t happen overnight. You must work hard for it. After all, there’s no gain if there’s no pain. So, here are three pre-workout programs you must try:

  • For Morning Workouts

Option 1. Don’t eat carbs before an exercise. You should be in a fasted state.
Option 2. Take 10 to 15 grams of protein at least 30 minutes before your exercise.
Option 3. Drink organic tea or coffee, and blend it with healthy fats, such as grass-fed butter and coconut oil.

  • For Afternoon/Early Evening Workouts

Option 1. You may eat anything you like, but you have to give at least 2-3-hour allowance before you start exercising.
Option 2. Take 10 to 15 grams of protein half an hour before you exercise.
Option 3. Drink an organic tea or coffee by itself, only if it doesn’t affect your sleeping patterns.

  • For Late-At-Night Workouts

There’s actually no options for this as working out late at night is discouraged. It is even considered as a fatal fat loss mistake.

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So, what really is the best thing to do before work out – to eat carbs or not? Well, not eating carbs before hitting the gym can help your hormones optimize your body’s fat burning process while doing otherwise can block the speedy burning of your fats. On the other hand, if you want to become stronger, and improve your stamina, eating healthy carbs before working out is reasonable. That’s pretty much it!

#4. Conclusion

Perhaps, there are no hard and fast rules as to whether or not an exerciser should eat carbs before body training. The decision is still yours to make. We have only laid down the pros and cons of eating and not eating carbs before a workout for you. If you think the latter is effective for your body clock, then, do so. But, if you believe the former does your body good, not to mention, getting in shape sooner, then, apply it. After all, you own your body; protect it, pamper it, don’t let it settle for anything less.

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