Makeup Trends For This Fall - What You Need To Know About Makeup Trends For This Fall

What You Need To Know About Makeup Trends For This Fall


An A-list fashionista does not stop when she gets the trendiest clothing pieces before anybody else does. It takes a keen eye on how to put the trends together — the clothes, the shoes, the makeup, the hair, and even the attitude — to make this Fall another unforgettable fashion season for you and your selfies.

Get ready to strut your best self ever with this season’s finest and trendiest makeup looks:

1. Gothic Lips


Dior’s Fall runways just set one of this season’s hottest must-have color for your lips — deep, dark purple. This trend can easily age you by at least 10 more years if fail to follow some simple makeup tricks. Enhance your natural eyebrows using light, feathery strokes. Use this color on clear, porcelain face. Put a very light nude backdrop on your eyelids, and a fresh mascara for your eyelashes. Top your lips with a liquid, colorless lip balm for standout shine.

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2. Gold Makeup


This Fall, make your makeup standout, not just with hints of gold but go full blown! Just as the metallics are making their way into fabrics, brocades most especially, so too is gold, glittery makeup also making a statement on every part of the your face, particularly on lips, eyes and even the eyebrows. Wear the metallic shock even when you have basics on with gold makeup.

3. Bright Eyeliners And Lips


Line your eyes with bright greens, blues and yellows, singly or in combination. This Fall makeup trends, you don’t have to stick with the gothic look if you personally think it’s not the color that flatters your skin. Feel free to be bold with bright colors instead. Color your eyelids and lips with it or choose to highlight one and downplay the other.

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4. Hot Pink Lips


This luscious, candy lip colors will continue to be hot and versatile this season. Jeremy Scott and TopShop had this hot pink lips as the defining look on their respective Fall runways. TopShop models wore it with double-winged black eyeliners while models on the Jeremy Scott show, wore the fall makeup trends with black eyeliners and a seafoam green to line the eye fold and double up the top eye line.

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5. Neon, Matte Lips


This season’s trending lip colors are just as bold. You can wear your lips gothic and neon alternatingly on any weekday or on weekends this Fall, without being afraid you may be doing it just a bit too much. That’s because neon green and bright yellow lipsticks in matte are trending this season too.

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6. Double-Winged Eyeliners


This fall makeup trends can be perfectly paired with your gothic lips. Instead of making the lines on your upped and lower eyelids meet, this makeup trick is created by extending the outer edges of both lines on the sides of your eyes. Color your entire eyelids to the inner side towards your tear duct but, take care not to color the tear ducts. Instead, extend the line a little further inside, again, without making the top and bottom eyelids meet.

7. Red Smoky Eyes


This unusual palette for creating smoky eyes have been seen all summer, and will persist in Fall and throughout the Holidays. Use a creamy eye foundation to get this look. Simply gradient your eyelids with at least two shades of red. Top your eyelids with an eyeliner or simply let your red eyeshadow stand alone.

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8. Barely There Look


It’s a look that’s never out of season. Find your best no makeup look this Fall. Lightly line your top eyelids from the corner, inward up to the center only. Apply a highlighter on your lower waterline. Curl up your eyelashes and put on an eyelash primer if you have naturally thick lashes or, just very lightly touch the tips of your eyelashes with the spooley brush that comes with your mascara. Put on a mauve lipstick and catch a natural blush on your cheeks.

9. Smudged Eyeliner


If you can’t seem to perfect those flawless eyeliners, this Fall is all yours to own because those eyeliners are now deliberately left with huge hints of imperfections. Don’t use gel or ink eyeliners. If you’re going for this look, feel free to use your onyx eyeshadow or black pencil eyeliners for a soft finish.

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10. Bold, Graphic Eyeliners


‘Tis also the season to showcase your talent in drawing graphical eyeliners. Oscar de la Renta put the line on the eye fold, no liner on top eyelid and bottom eyelids perfected.

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Makeup was indeed made for coverup but, it’s also a great way to feed the inner artist in you. Help yourself to a huge serving of creative fall makeup trends this season in at least 10 different ways.

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