What Vital Food Is Great for Strong Muscles - What Vital Food Is Great for Strong Muscle?

What Vital Food Is Great for Strong Muscle?


If you are looking to build up your muscle, add more vigor to it, watch it take shape and leave an admirable chest, you are home. Many people do workouts, as they are supposed to, but without the right foods, the results are barely noticed.

At MyBeautyGym, we know what is good for you because we have been there and managed to adapt a certain eating lifestyle to attain our dreams. The foods and drinks we are going to list for you are the best for building your muscles. A good and creative combination and intake of them will have your muscles right as fit as they ought to be.

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Most of the healthy foods we will suggest work right by their thermogenic effect. On ingestion, these foods produce heat in the body and ultimately the fat gets burned and energy is released.

Pro Tip: Contrary to the common knowledge that vigorous training and workouts are the way to go to build more muscle, here is a little secret they didn’t tell you. Your nutrition is the basis of a muscle build. It is what determines how the muscle shapes itself. A better-toned physique lies in your diet.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

According to a lot of research, sweet potatoes are the cleanest sources of fuel available. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber which is essential for your fitness goals. Its copper content is responsible for the production of collagen which will go a long way in keeping your muscles healthy and your skin together. The potassium in it is essential for normal contraction of muscles.

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If your workouts are challenging, this is what you need. Its compounds prevent cell damage when it gets rigorous, ensuring you don’t crack. They have been termed as a nutritional powerhouse. These root vegetables rich in fiber are good for your muscle build-up.

The best way to cook your sweet potatoes is using a crock pot. It makes them creamy and buttery like. They are good when softest and crock pots often give that upper hand over ovens. A little moisture is also required in the crock pot so you are not worried about an easy possibility of them getting burnt. Self-baked sweet potatoes are the best. And crock pots are the way out.

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2. SmoothiesFruit Smoothies. Banana Smoothies With Milk. Banana Smoothie On

Banana and peanut butter are the main ingredients of a muscle-building rich in protein drink. All you need for this is a blender for juicing and the fruits, alongside a few vegetables and you’re good to go. However, variety is good for your muscle growth. You can add the following to your smoothie: peaches, gluten-free Greek yogurt, egg white protein powder, strawberries, vanilla essence, almond milk, pineapples, orange juice, coconut milk and many others. A personal preference in combination is allowed as the desired nutrients will be in place.

3. Broccoli


Together with spinach, they are a great source of folic acids which is responsible for the repair of DNA and synthesis of new red blood cells. It is for this reason that every meal of a gym enthusiast is recommended to have a heavy dosage of broccoli. This brightly green superfood has a very high content of sulforaphane.

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The named is a compound which prevents the accumulation of body fat and at the same time prevents enzymes that are linked to the destruction and inflammation of joints. How active you are relying on the state of your joints. Healthy joints mean you stay lean and active as you should be. The compound in broccoli also increases the levels of testosterone in your body leaving you a masculine look. With massive richness in vitamin c, broccoli could just be what you need daily to attain your muscle goal. Vitamin C is responsible for the reduction of a stress hormone called cortisol which will help to tone the efforts of your body.

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There are a number of recipes that go comfortably with broccoli. You can see the results within a few days.

4. Kale or Spinach?


There has been a tug of war between these two green vegetables. In the end, however, both provide a considerable amount of their own nutrition. For lean muscle growth, your body requires the amino acid, glutamine. Spinach also increases the strength of your muscles and adds to its endurance capability. Kale is packed with a remarkable amount of iron we all know is essential for muscle development. Besides circulating oxygen to our muscles, it helps our muscles recover after training. Iron promotes the synthesis of the muscle fibers necessary for a great look.

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The vitamin k in kale ensures flexibility in the joints as we go about our daily exercise routines. Spinach is rich in magnesium which is important for muscle growth, energy making and metabolism of carbohydrates.

Include fresh kale and spinach alternatingly in your diet often to reap maximum benefits.

5. Grass-fed Beef


This is from grass-fed cattle. Beef is necessary for the building of lean muscle as it contains a high protein content. Other nutrients in beef include zinc, vitamin B series, iron, and cholesterol. Such kind of grass contains high levels of CLA which helps in shedding any unnecessary body fat. This way, more room for muscle is allowed. A number of nutrients in lean beef promote muscle growth. See, for example, 3 cup-fulls of beans have an approximate amount of protein as a 5.6oz serving of the beef.

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Skinless chicken is also another excellent source of essential amino acids which are good for the maintenance and repair of muscles.

Point To Note:

Adequate water is an important part of muscle tissue growth. It is the water that enables proper metabolism of the energy food sources. Water also keeps your muscles in shape. After a workout, it is essential to take lots of water to replace the lost. Dehydration is bad for the muscles and body at large. There are a variety of foods that contain water, including, grapefruit and watermelons among others.

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