Top 7 Mini Trampoline Safety Tips That Mothers Should Know

trampoline safety tips for mother

A mini trampoline can be a great way for kids to exercise both indoors and outdoors. They are small trampoline kits that are designed for children between 3 to 7 years old. It benefits the toddlers in the sense that they get to achieve a full body workout when they exercise. These exercises also help strengthen their legs while providing a low-impact exercise that does not harm their joints and bones.

To ensure that your kids have fun and exercise safely, here are some 7 mini trampoline tips that mothers should know.

1. Purchase One With A Balance Bar Attachment

This easy-to-grip handlebar will help your kid to maintain balance while jumping and having fun on the trampoline. It increases safety for small children who hold onto the bar attachment.

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2. Adequate Adult Supervision

As much as the mini trampoline for kids may look smaller and harmless, adequate adult supervision should always be a must. Do not let your toddler to jump on the mini trampoline alone.

3. Pay Close Attention To Frame Pads

Frame pad is a safety accessory that will cushion the metal frame and cover the springs. It prevents your kids from being pinched by springs or getting caught in between the springs and the frame.

The frame pads should be installed correctly. Consider the one with extra padding so that your children are less likely to get hurt when they accidentally hit the frame. Ensure that the pads cover the springs and the metal frame.

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4. Never Allow More Than One Child To Bounce On The Mini Trampoline

Many trampoline-related injuries occur when more than one child is using the trampoline at the same time. This is due to the fact that they may collide with one another hence injure themselves as they jump.

To prevent this, always ensure that only one child jumps on the trampoline at a time.

5. Ban Tricks And Stunts

Tricks and stunts are dangerous for kids because they may land wrongly as they try out these moves on a mini trampoline. Once the kids feel that they have acquired some skills and want to try out some few new moves, consider buying a full-size trampoline for your backyard and having an approved trampoline safety net installed. The moves should only be done when they are being trained by a professional.

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6. Buy The Model With A Safety Net

This will prevent your kids from falling over and hitting the ground. So to be sure that your kid will be safe while using the best trampoline, always install the safety net before the mini trampoline is used.

7. Ensure That The Springs Are All In Position And Bolts Well Tightened

A good bounce is achieved when all the springs are properly fixed so that there is a proper tension in the jumping mat. Hanging springs can cause unnecessary injuries to your kids.


Mini trampoline for kids is a great way to get them to start understanding fitness and exercise. If you buy one for your kids, they will get to start becoming physically active in a fun way. Ensure that the mat is made of UV resistant, waterproof and heavy duty jumping surface so that it can withstand a lot of jumping up and down. Always ensure that all the safety precautions are taken into consideration so that your kids can grow healthy as they have fun.

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About The Author: Sunny is the writer of Domijump official blog and also the product manager of the Domijump trampoline factory. So he knows every detail about trampolines and trampoline parts. If any questions about the trampoline, you can reach him here.