Glasses Trends In 2021 324x160 1 - Top 5 Glasses Trend In 2021 To Watch Out

Top 5 Glasses Trend In 2021 To Watch Out

Glasses Trends In 2021

Near year, new glasses trends, right? Fashion can’t possibly exist without adding new glasses trends of 2021 on your shopping list. Today, we’ll cover the famous eyewear fashion trends that are most likely to be popular in 2021. Don’t worry, your favourite would also make the list, plus a few new additions would completely hook you with their fresh aesthetic.

Here are 5 eyeglasses trends to try out in 2021

We’ve rounded up all the upcoming glasses frames of 2021, so you keep an out eye out for them.

Top 5 Glasses Trend In 2021

1. Transparent frame in a pop of colour

Forget your traditional crystal clear transparent glasses, there’s a unique range of tints in transparent frames trending right now. You need to get them ASAP if you are a fan of transparent design. Although the un-tinted frames aren’t out of the limelight, the tradition is lived better with an addition of colour. Found in vibrant colours, such as blue, green, caramel, brown, lilac, purple, soft pink, rose, champagne, green and various others. Plus, the acetate material shines beautifully in a vivid range of colours while looking extremely fresh and unique on your face.

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The in-trend glasses just got refined into being it’s best version. The best part of transparent glasses in multiple colours is that these colours are available in bold, light and moderate shade. Suiting your outfit coordination needs with professional or casual attire.

Glasses trends 2021

2. Metal & Acetate Combined Glasses

The best of both worlds, get acetate and metal submerged into one to add an elegant addition to your style. A material blend that stays steady throughout 2021, the thick and thin design gives a beautiful edge to glasses design. Why limit your glasses being made out of only one material, after some time, it starts to feel bland.

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In metal and acetate combination, you’ll find the acetate at the rims while the metal at the temples and nose bridge for a sharp look. The thick and thin edge adds extra detailing to the glasses, making them stand out. Getting metal and acetate glasses in crystal pink, blue, green, or grey is worth every investment. If lighter colours aren’t your thing, you can go for heavier/bold frames in mahogany and burgundy for an assertive look.

While choosing bold colours in frames, steer clear of oversized frames. A standard fit is perfectly suitable.

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3. Dark solid-coloured glasses

Acetate in simple and singular colours, especially in dark shades are a must-have. Whether in matte or shiny, dark solid colour frames are a must for a power fashion move. Let it be in burgundy, purple, red, or black – these colours are destined to stand out solo.

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For a confident look that just requires one choice of colours, dark solid-coloured glasses are enough to be a statement piece. Dark colours have a great psychological reason for being so impactful on people. Red, black, purple and other dark solid colours are associated with prestige and power.

It often adds an artistic touch, if portrayed rightly. Dressing up in dark shades portrays independent and strong-willed individuals who are well aware themselves and their surroundings.

2021 glasses trends

4. Semi-rimless glasses

Talk about looking smart, semi-rimless glasses do it effortlessly. It’s applauding how you can look smart without showing your degree or knowledge, with just a pair of “smart” glasses. Designed into slim and elegant features, brow-line glasses are a dynamic frame, fit for a professional touch. It’s fashionable, clean-designed and practical for both men and women.

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You can find a semi-rimless design in rectangular, wayfarer and square shape. The design highlights your eyes and eyebrow area for an attentive look. Heavy on the brow-line area, the semi-rimless silhouette creates a simplistic and smart look.

Now, found in a different shade, the semi-rimless glasses are designed to look more refined, unique and in-trend. A homage to vintage-fashion while incorporating contemporary colours make them exceptional.

5. Thin Metal glasses

Metal glasses are going to have a year of their life. Designed into the extremely thin rim in beautiful colours, the frames give a subtle yet significant touch to your style. Simple and straight to the point, the metal glasses are suitable on almost everyone. It takes very less notice of your outfit choice and blends in stunningly. Looks delicate and inspire subtle elegance, metal glasses are perfectly attainable on your office attire or while pairing with your casual.

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Metal glasses in the round shape are most popular. It’s beautiful attention to intricate detail while taking less space on your face does wonder. Get metal glasses in red, gold, purple, rose-gold and pink shades to make them work on almost all of your outfit choices.