Swapna Suresh

Swapna Suresh is an Indian-Emirati Gold runner from Abu Dhabi. She has been blamed for pirating gold in Kerela from UAE. Before that, she worked in the UAE office.

A National Investigation Agency (NIA), an uncommon court sent them to care for 8 days. With the further examination going on, there are smidgens of proof that demonstrate them blameworthy. Moreover, there were not many admissions also.

NameSwapna Suresh
BirthdayJune 4, 1984
Age36 years

10 Facts on Swapna Suresh

  • Swapna Suresh (brought into the world on June 4, 1984) is an Indian-Emirati character who was blamed for carrying gold in Kerela right from Arabic grounds.
  • The charged passes by the name “Swapna Suresh.” But given her portability to the trickster. there are suppositions that it may not be her genuine name.
  • Discussing her everyday life, she was hitched to her better half, Jagmohan. However, reports guarantee that a few have separated also.
  • It was Suresh’s subsequent marriage. Her first marriage came in Abu Dhabi yet she returned back to India after an intense separation with him.
  • In addition, she additionally used to work at UAE Consulate. Yet, her work was broken up as she was blamed for some charges there also. Yet, she rushed to deny the claims.
  • Be that as it may, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia account yet. She scandalously merits one, however.
  • Concerning her family, she has a girl who was brought into the world in the UAE because of her first marriage. She raises her as a solitary parent right now.
  • According to NewsIndiaExpress, She and her accomplice Sarith have been engaged with carrying around 150 kg gold over the most recent 10 months. There have been bits of gossip that she has attached with political individuals also.
  • Swapna worked in the State Department in Kerela. Thus, she has a good net worth that was sufficient to run her family.
  • Proceeding onward to her physical bio, she has long dark hair. She additionally has a tattoo inked on her chest.
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