Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are They Good For You 1 - Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Are They Good For You?

Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Are They Good For You?

Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are They Good For You

CDC reports that almost 10 million people in America are now conscious about their health. Are you among the 49% of American adults who actively engage in physical and wellness activities? If you are, then you may like to invest in the best home workout equipment to burn excess calories in the comfort of your homes.

If you are still uncertain as to which equipment to purchase, allow me to introduce to you the best recumbent exercise bikes. As you progress in this article, you will learn more about the benefits of recumbent bikes and the reason why it best suits your purposes.

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Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are special bicycles designed for low-intensity cardiovascular exercises. It’s almost similar to ordinary stationary bikes that you can see in the gym. What makes it special is that it’s more user-friendly and comfortable. Here are some key differences of recumbent bikes compared to conventional stationary bicycles:

Comfortable Seat

Comfortable Seat

The seat of recumbent bicycles is comparable to office chairs. They offer excellent support to your back. It is strategically reclined to an angle so you won’t feel any strain at all.

Hands Free

Although they come with handles, you can easily use recumbent bikes without holding its handle. There’s no need for you to lean forward so you can liberate both hands and use it while reading books, using your portable devices, and even playing video games while stepping into the pedals.

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Convenient Pedal Position

Unlike regular upright bikes, the pedal of recumbent bicycles is right in front of the body of the user. With adjustable seats that move forward and back, these bikes are user-friendly for anyone regardless of the height and length of legs.

Although there’s a lot of disagreement on the effectiveness of recumbent bikes, nothing is proven yet.  Indoor Training Bikes suggests that using an upright or recumbent bike does not make any difference when it comes to the number of calories burnt. Moreover, since your body can recline, your feet needs to work harder to fight gravity compared to upright bikes.

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Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

During a workout, it’s not enough that you know you’re shedding off some weight. It is also important to know what benefits you can get by performing these routines. Here are some of the advantages of using recumbent exercise bikes:

Safe and Comfortable

These bikes are safe and comfortable for the user. It’s wide seat, and back support makes it possible for people with impaired mobility to perform the exercise without acquiring injuries. A study by American Physical Therapy Association also confirms this by stating that increasing the height of the seat, just like in a stationary bicycle, creates a bigger challenge in the cardiovascular capacity for the user which is counter productive to persons with mobility impairment.

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Less Stress on Knees and Hips

Less Stress on Knees and Hips

The position of your knee when using recumbent exercises promotes lesser stress and strain. It makes this type of stationary bikes beneficial to people with arthritis, gout, and other joint problems. Besides, this low impact exercise reduces the risk of pain build-up.

Better Posture and Less Upper Extremity Problems

Since you don’t need to hunch forward to grip the handles of a recumbent bike, you are less prone to spine deformity and injuries. The upper part of your body does not participate in this activity. Thus, resulting in no neck, shoulder, and wrist pain.

Better Posture and Less Upper Extremity Problems

Although using recumbent exercise bikes has a lot of health benefits, it also comes with a slew of disadvantage. First, you’re not working out your core and upper body during the routine. Secondly, they are more expensive compared to regular upright bikes. Lastly, they occupy bigger space in your home. However, if we weigh the pros and cons, it is still clear that recumbent bicycles are still preferable over conventional upright bikes.

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Things You Need to Consider While Buying Recumbent Bikes

If you’re too eager to buy a recumbent bike, hold your horses yet. You need to ensure it serves your purpose. The last thing you want to happen is purchasing a piece of home workout equipment and storing in your basement for good. Here are some pointers that could help you decide the right recumbent bike to buy:

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Regardless of the brand and the price of the recumbent bikes that you want to purchase, you need to ensure that they have the following must-have features:

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1. Comfortable and Adjustable Seat

You need to make sure that the seat is comfortable for you since you will be spending most of your time on it. Besides, an adjustable seat allows you to suit the machine to your height.

2. Optional Accessories

These items may not be that necessary for a recumbent bike but having them will totally change the way you do exercise. They can even motivate you to workout longer and sweat out more excess fats.

  • Built-in fans – They help you cool off while increasing the resistance as you pedal
  • Sound system – If you are a big fan of music, having this will make biking more fun and exciting
  • Bottle Holder – It will ensure that you have a ready source of fluid to avoid getting dehydrated
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3. Weight Limit

The stability of recumbent bikes has limitation. One of them is the weight of the user. If you think you are on the heavy side, checking the weight limit of the equipment is of paramount importance.

4. Noise

Recumbent bicycles have moving parts. The harder you pedal and the higher the resistance, the louder the sound it produces. Thus, you need to ensure that your bike doesn’t make nuisance sound as noise is a serious issue that you need to consider.

5. Enclosed Machines

Enclosed Machines

If you are living with small kids at home and you wish to buy a recumbent bike, you need to prefer models with well covered mechanical parts and childproof. Remember, kids can get injured because of an open chain or flywheel.

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Nothing beats doing exercises at your most convenient time in the comfort of your home. One of the best ways to do that is through recumbent exercise bikes. Using the information above, I hope that you can buy something that suits and serves your purpose.