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What Befell Quinton Griggs Leg? In the event that you have been following Quinton Griggs in his TikTok record and Instagram, you may have seen the most recent video of him with a cast to his left side leg.

Quinton Griggs has more than 6 million supporters on his TikTok account, and as of not long ago, he was posting his moving recordings. Be that as it may, today he posted a video saying “not strolling any longer hahaha”. In that video, he is moving or attempting to hit the dance floor with only one leg and the other one has wraps as far as possible up to his thighs. Numerous fans have remarked to recover soon, to take rest and not put the focus on his leg.

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Yet, what precisely befell his leg and what sort of a medical procedure he went to? Here is all that we think about Quinton Griggs’ leg’s condition.

Who is Quinton Griggs a.k.a qgriggs?

Quinton Griggs is a 17 years of age TikTok star who has more than 6 million devotees. He was brought into the world in North Carolina on September 8, 2003.

Quinton began acquiring popularity through TikTok throughout the mid-year of 2019. The initial video through which he became popular was “Since its public lady friends day” on DJ Regard melody Ride it.

He is most prominently known for his unique hairdo hued with bleach blonde and dark. He is likewise an individual from the rumored TikTok Collab house, Sway House since 2020. Nonetheless, it is said that he will take off from Sway House and go to its side project, the Sway Gaming House. Right now, he is dating his kindred TikTok star Cynthia parker.

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What happened to Quinton’s leg?

Quinton was going live with his sweetheart Cynthia on July 30, 2020. Prior to coming live, he had posted a Snapchat picture in which we can see that he was in a clinic and had some sort of a medical procedure.

In that live video, a concerned fan asked him, why he was in the emergency clinic and he reacted that he needed to get a knee medical procedure. Also, he lifted his advantage with his hand to show his worked leg covered with a cast. As should be obvious, the medical procedure went great and he is steady at this point. Yet, he isn’t strolling yet so he should require appropriate rest to recover soon.

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The following day, he posted a TikTok video where he is attempting to hit the dance floor with a solitary leg on the tune “Still Softish”. That video has arrived at 3.5 million perspectives and acquired almost 1,000,000 preferences inside only 13 hours. Bunches of fans have remarked on it and wanting for him for a quick recuperation.

Why Quinton went through Surgery?

Quinton has not really disclosed why he needed to get the medical procedure. However, fans have their own adaptation of speculations.

A few fans say that he was skating and tumbled down to cause injury in his leg and tore his average insurance tendon that necessary pressing a medical procedure.

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While a few fans additionally say that Quinton had harmed his knee sometime back when he had a battle with his companion and individual TikTok star Bryce Hall, who is likewise an individual from the Sway house. After that injury, his moving recordings were very little posted of late, and even during the ones he posted, he was not moving appropriately like he used to. So fans accept that due to the past injury he needed to go through the medical procedure to deal with the circumstance.

However, regardless of what the explanation was behind his medical procedure, the only thing that is important is that he is OK now and he will move in half a month when his leg improves.

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