Pink Diamonds: Stand Out in the Crowd

These days, pink diamonds are in high demand because of their rarity. Everyone speculates on the potential of argyle pink diamonds as investment instruments and fashion statements. Pink and reddish-pink hues adorn this sort of diamond’s beauty. So, it’s no wonder that they are both pricey and scarce. They’re frequently seen on celebrities, and as a result, they’ve sparked a lot of interest.


Here are nine intriguing facts about pink coloured diamonds and, specifically, Australian pink diamonds.


  • High Value: Colourless diamonds are actually valued based on 4Cs, whereas coloured fancy diamonds, mainly pink coloured diamonds, are valued in connection to their colour. The price of the pink diamonds mostly depends on their colour combinations. A purple-hued argyle pink diamond is more valuable than a brownish-hued argyle pink diamond. The higher the diamond’s colour intensity, the more valuable it will be. If the secondary colour is pink in a pink coloured argyle diamond, which is incredibly uncommon, then the price of the diamond will be unusually more significant.
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  • Size is important for pink diamonds: More giant stones are more valuable and, hence, more expensive. A .50 carat stone may sell for roughly $50000, but a 2-carat stone would sell for around $500000. This highlights the significance of the pink coloured diamond size.


  • The clarity of pink diamonds doesn’t matter much: Clarity is a significant consideration when dealing with colourless diamonds. Ideally, they should be gleaming and have a flawless finish and fit. Colour masks imperfections, which is why people don’t pay much attention to the clarity of the pink diamond. It is still being sold at a higher price point than the competition.
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  • Pink diamonds are ideally suited to fancy cuts: The round shape brings out the finest in these colourless diamonds, which is why they are so popular. On the other hand, fancy cuts work best with pink coloured diamonds since they bring out the richness of the colours. They get more defined and vivid as a result of this process. Radiant, cushion, triangle, and heart are the most common forms of a pink diamond.


  • The scarcity of pink diamonds is self-evident: Because of their scarcity and strong demand, they command such high prices on the open market. Only a few diamond mines across the globe produce these. The Argyle mine in Australia is the world’s most significant producer of argyle pink diamonds. The rarest, most costly, and most sought-after diamonds globally are Australian pink diamonds, which have the most vivid colour. Great investments may be made in them.
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  • Pink diamonds have a mystery element: It is not known what gives pink diamonds their brilliant pink colour. Adding to the mystique and uniqueness of pink diamonds is this fact. The trace elements present during the production of coloured diamonds, for example, are thought to be responsible for the gems’ colour. Yellow diamonds are formed when nitrogen is present, while blue diamonds are formed when boron is. No one knows how pink diamonds come to be.


  • Pink diamonds can be pricey: Pink diamonds may be pricey if you haven’t already guessed. The rationale for this has previously been explained in detail. Rare and hard to come by, pink diamonds are precious.
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Instead of pink diamonds, you’ll get synthetic diamonds made in a lab via a chemical process rather than naturally occurring over millions of years. Others claim that these are not natural pink diamonds at all.


Author:- flavia