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Facing a problem in paying your bills? Don’t know other ways to help you out? Don’t worry anymore because we are going to solve all your problems. 

In this article, you will get many ways to pay your bill, login information, contact details, and much more.  So, stay till the end and you are good to go. Now, let’s quickly begin – Login Details/process- 

You know what you need to do. So, just follow the steps given below – Pay
  1. Visit this website link.
  2. Then, enter your password and username in the given space. 
  3. Once done, then click on the final “login” And you are done with the process. 

There’s also an option for help if you don’t remember your details like a password. Below the final login, there’s “forgot password” Written. 

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So, click on that and you can retrieve your password. Payment Details- 

There are many ways that can help you pay your MLGW bill. Here are a few ways that can help you to do so.

So, just follow these steps and your problems will end – 

  • You can pay electronically by using your cards after logging in. 
  • You can pay via mail at this address – P.O. Box 388

Memphis, TN 38145 

  • You can also pay in person by visiting any MLGW office location.
  • Or you can pay via phone by calling on this number through an automated payment system – 1-866-315-0277
  • There’s an option for autopay as well. Your bill amount would automatically be deducted from your account every month. Just read the whole policy via this link – 
  • At last, there’s prepay utilities too – 
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Visit this website link for more in detail information – 

Contact Details- 

Here are the ways that can help you contact them if you are facing problems related to bills, or other issues – 

  • (901) 544-6549 
  • Their payment address – 

P.O. Box 388

Memphis, TN 38145

  • Street address – 

220 South Main

Memphis, TN 38103

Check out these two links for more in-depth information about other problems and everything too – 

  1. and 

The other way to reach out to them is by following and visiting their social media profiles.  We all know that social media is a big platform with a lot of scopes. 

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So, with these links mentioned below, you would land on their profile and do the needful. 

Check it out – 

  • Facebook – 
  • Instagram – 
  • Twitter – 
  • YouTube – 
  • Their blog page – 

Mostly Asked Questions – 

1- How can I reach their official website page? 

Here’s a way that could help you do that, and that is, click on this link – 

2- From where can I know about their customer care policy? 

Just click on this link to read about all of it – 


We honestly hope that everything was clear to you as we have mentioned all the necessary information, screenshots, links, etc. 

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So, we wish that there’s no doubts Or queries left uncleared from your side. 

We also hope that you liked the article and found it helpful to the best of your needs.