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Huge Cellulite Myths You Should Never Believe

Cellulite Myths You Should Never Believe

When it comes to cellulite remedies there are so many fake ones that are available on the market at the moment. They are actually selling really well because most people do not know much about cellulite. There are dozens of myths that surround the topic. Based on research done by Cellulite.com, the following are those that are the most common. Do not believe them and be informed.

Cellulite Is Only Excess Body Fat

Fat cells do appear when cellulite is a problem but the reality of the matter is that the dimpling, lumpy effect you see on your skin is created by connective fibers between muscle and skin. The collagen fibers that are attaching your skin to the muscles create pockets. The fat that you see is normal and all people have that. The appearance is due to something else.

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Just Some People Get Cellulite

It seems that everyone thinks they will never get cellulite until they actually get it. There are literally hundreds of millions of US women that fight this condition. In fact, most women do have some sort of body cellulite present. The percentage is estimated to be anywhere between 80 and 98 percent for women. When talking about men it is true that frequency is lower but around 10% of all men do have cellulite.

You Only Get Cellulite When You Are Older

Cellulite is going to increase as you are aging but there is no real age restriction for when it actually shows up. Different factors will determine the foundation of cellulite including body make-up, hormones and genetics. Unfortunately, for an older woman there are some extra factors that are not so great. Skin thickness and integrity are lost, sun damage is increased and the increased body fat will all contribute to the appearance of cellulite. In addition, fibrous cellulite bands tend to become stiffer and thicker when aging.

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Cellulite Disappears When You Lose Weight

If this were true, you would not see as many overweight people as there are at the moment. Weight loss can actually exacerbate cellulite if your diet is not low in unhealthy carbs, sugars, you are not hydrated properly and you do not build muscle mass. According to most experts, the best possible way to remove the subcutaneous fat is through weight training and aerobic exercising (try these cellulite removal exercises). This is because fibrous connective tissue present right under the skin will be strengthened. Your skin regains its elasticity, making cellulite appearance much less prevalent.

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Lotions And Firming Creams Will Reduce Cellulite

It is not at all hard to find over the counter firming creams and lotions that claim to remove cellulite. Unfortunately, the beauty product companies cannot really be trusted with these items. No matter what label is put on these products, what you have to remember is that there is no study that shows the creams will offer improvements as they are used alone. Some of the ingredients present can even cause pretty serious rashes and skin reactions. It is always better to go to a dermatologist in order to see how you can really get rid of cellulite.