How Is Adult Skin Care Inspired By Baby Skin?

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We all want to retain the skin that we are born with. There’s a reason that people use the saying “smooth as a baby’s bottom” when they’re describing soft, supple skin.

As infants our skin is smooth, soft, and as close to perfect as will get in our lifetimes. We are just entering the world and our skin hasn’t had a chance to incur environmental damage or blemishes that arise from hormone changes.

As we get older, we do all that we can to get our skin back to this flawless condition. Baby skin is also extremely sensitive and there is skincare that is formulated to be gentle enough to use on an infant’s skin, but there have been some cases that adult skincare has been inspired by the perfection of baby skin. Keep reading to learn what methods companies have picked up on from paying attention to the way that we treat baby skin.

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1. Companies Are Making Cleaner Products

When companies create products that can be used on a baby’s skin they have to be cautious of the types of chemicals, active ingredients, and preservatives that are used in the products.

Babies have extremely delicate skin and their skin can break out into a rash or other allergic reaction very easily. As a result of this, companies use cleaner ingredients in the skin care products that they release for infants.

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These products tend to be made without the use of synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and preservatives.

Parents also tend to be very conscientious and concerting when choosing products for their infants. They want only the best for their children and seek to shield them from products that have harsh ingredients in them.

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However, many people want the same level of purity in their products as adults. To accommodate this desire to limit the amount of exposure that we have to harsh chemicals as babies and adults, companies have started to release products that follow the same ethos.

Many companies use cheap and harsh chemicals and preservatives in their products because it takes down the price for production therefore taking down the price for the consumer. But, cheaper isn’t always better; especially when it comes to the products that we use to retain the health of our bodies and skin.

2. Less Is More

Along with using gentler ingredients, another way that companies have been inspired by baby skin care is using fewer ingredients in their products. In order for parents to easily identify the ingredients that are in their child’s products companies tend to limit the number of ingredients in their products.

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Having more ingredients in a skin care products doesn’t mean that it is more effective. It usually just means that it is more difficult for the consumer to be versed on the ingredients that are in the products that they are buying and the types of reactions that their skin could have to them. It is possible to have effective skin care that is also made with a few simple ingredients.

3. Brands That Have Been Inspired By Baby Skin Care

  • S.W. Basics
    This is a brand that has definitely been influenced by the desire of consumers to have simple, natural skincare that is also effective. Every single product that they produce has five ingredients or less.
    The founder of this brand has sensitive skin and came up with the products because she had such a hard time finding products that wouldn’t break her out.The products are made with only the ingredients that they need to be effective and they don’t bother with adding fluff ingredients to alter the color or scent of the products. If you want simple, safe skin care you should check out S.W. Basics.
  • Solvaderm Skincare
    Solvaderm Skincare is known for products that deliver results without damaging the skin or causing harsh reactions. This also goes for the Zeroblem acne serum that Solvaderm Skincare makes. It fights adult acne by targeting active breakouts to help them heal faster and reduce inflammations to soothe the afflicted skin. It also fades stubborn acne scars on the skin.This product is wonderful for those who are suffering from acne in their teen and adult years, and who want a product that was created and tested by health care professionals. If you have acne and are sick of using products that leave your skin stripped and dry you should look into Zeroblem.
  • Tata Harper
    Tata Harper is natural through and through. They pride themselves on using sustainable farming to grow the organic, non-animal tested ingredients that go into their products. The headquarters of this company is actually on their farm. If you want products that are straight from nature this is the brand for you. Everything is %100 natural, non-toxic, and safe enough that you could even use it on your baby!
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