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Hazen Audel is a scientist, control, craftsman, TV moderator just as an online media influencer who got overall acknowledgment subsequent to showing up in the National Geographic Channel show, Survive the Tribe. After the achievement the show got from the general population, National Geographic channel made another arrangement, Primal Survivor which shows him staying and functioning also becoming acquainted with the way of life of the indigenous individuals in the farthest corners of the world.

NameHazen Audel
Birthday25 January 1974
ProfessionTV actor, Biologist, Presenter
Net Worth$ 2 million
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Discussing his own life, Hazen is potentially single and not wedded to any lady as there is no proof of him uncovering that he is hitched or being involved with somebody. Proceeding onward, with his fills in as a TV moderator and achievement coming from his fruitful TV vocation, his net worth are at $2 million.

10 Facts on Hazen Audel

  • According to his Wikipedia, Hazen Audel was brought into the world on 25 January 1974 in Spokane, Washington DC, USA.
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius. His family and lineage are from the Salish and Kootenai Native American clans.
  • He is additionally from a Greek foundation and has established a non-benefit online study hall stage known as The Wild Classroom.
  • Hazen has not authoritatively uncovered the name of his folks yet according to his Instagram account, he has three sisters in his family.
  • The 46-year-old Hazen Audel is an exceptionally courageous and valiant individual. He started his TV vocation in 2014.
  • Hazen is enamored with wild and has been investigating the incomprehensibility of it for over 15 years.
  • Because of his active nature and readiness to head out to the troublesome area of the world, he has a hearty physical make-up.
  • He additionally has his own special site which you could access and understand what is the issue here.
  • Hazen Audel has a nice stature and claims a couple of earthy colored eyes and dark hair.
  • He has amassed a large number of supporters on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
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