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Dr. Hannah Straight is a well-known Pharmacist from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, America, who is well-known for her work in the field of medicine to help people live healthier lives. She is well-known for her contributions to medicine and weight loss.

Furthermore, the beautiful and hot doctor is well-known for her vlogging videos on YouTube, where she has nearly 50,000 subscribers. She is primarily seen with a truck full of accessories, which leads her to the adventurous journey, which she appears to enjoy more. Her videos are jam-packed with adventures, therapies, motivation, and educational content. Because she has a beautiful and perfectly gifted body, she has a larger fan base among men. Do you want to learn more? Here are ten incredible facts about her.

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NameHanna Straight
EducationDuquesne University
YoutubeDr. Hannah Straight

10 Facts on Dr. Hannah Straight:

  • Dr. Hannah Straight is a well-known YouTube vlogger and pharmacist who specializes in the use of natural remedies as medicines.
  • She was born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, though her exact date of birth and birthplace are unknown.
  • According to her age, she is currently in her mid-thirties.
  • She appears to keep her personal life details out of the public eye in order to keep a low profile. As a result, we don’t know whether she’s married or anything about her husband.
  • She has a strong social media presence, with over 3.5k followers on Instagram, despite the fact that her account is private.
  • She has worked in a variety of fields, but we do not know what her net worth is.
  • Her YouTube channel has nearly 50k subscribers, and her videos appear to have high user engagement.
  • She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Duquesne University in Pittsburg in 2014.
  • However, we don’t know anything about her parents or other family members.
  • She currently works as a Clinical Research Pharmacist for her own company.
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