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Daddygus99 is a notable TikTok character from the United States of America. With his stunning recordings, he has figured out how to get excellent after on his web-based media pages. A large portion of his TikTok recordings is with his companion and accomplice. Not at all like other TikTok characters, his TikTok recordings are somewhat extraordinary. The vast majority of his TikTok recordings are improv shows among him and his accomplice.

In spite of the fact that Daddygus99 has made himself famous through web-based media, he has not uncovered much about his own life. In any case, we have discovered a portion of current realities about his life which are,

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NameGus Ferrat
Age26 years
Height6 ft (Approx)
ProfessionTikTok Personality

10 Facts About Daddygus99

  • Daddygus99’s genuine name is Gus Ferrat. However, he generally knows with his web-based media name i.e Daddygus99.
  • He is 26 years old starting at 2020. In any case, we are obscure about birthdays and other related subtleties.
  • He was brought up in the United States of America. Gus holds the American identity and he has a place with the White nationality.
  • We don’t have the data about Daddygus99’s folks and different individuals from his family.
  • Since he doesn’t have a committed Wikipedia page, the majority of his data isn’t accessible.
  • Gus appears to have fair stature and looked after body. Be that as it may, accurate statics of his body estimations are not accessible.
  • We likewise don’t have the data about Ferrat’s net worth and profit. He may make a decent pay as a web-based media character and others.
  • Gus has not uncovered any data about his own life and connections. In any case, a large portion of his video includes a young lady who may be his accomplice.
  • As of August 2020, Gus has a sum of 726.2k adherents on his TikTok @daddygus99. What’s more, he has a sum of 14.9 million preferences.
  • You can likewise discover Gus on Instagram @daddygus99. Furthermore, his Ig handles an aggregate of 43.9k supporters.
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