foodmyths 1 - 9 Food Myths Every Parent Should Know

9 Food Myths Every Parent Should Know

9 Food Myths Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, try to ask yourself. Do you have the willingness for your kid to become healthy in the long run? Of course, you are willing to do whatever it takes in order for your kid to be protected in any signs of degeneration. However, it always starts with the foods that the kids eat. Try to evaluate on what you really provided for them.

At the other side of the door, there’s what you call myths which says that the claims are not true. In all aspects of life, there are myths behind that you need to know. Most of you say that kind of claim is true, but it’s not. Especially when it comes to feeding your kids, you definitely need to know the myths about the ways you prepare and discipline them once and for all.

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Here are the 9 myths you should know about food as a parent:

Myth #1: Kids Dislike Healthy Food

Most of you think that these kids don’t really like to eat healthy food due to their picky mentality. You do believe that these kids can make a choice to pick the foods that they want such as hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries and other ones that are seen on TV. As a result, you seem to make it a habit in providing them these foods for most of the time. It is because you think that they dislike the healthy stuff. Actually that’s not true at all. Thinking outside of the box for your kid to eat healthy fruits and veggies might do the trick.

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Myth #2: You Should Be A Good Cook To Prepare Meals For Your Kids

Some say that in order to satisfy your kids, you need to become a good cook. As a parent, you expect that the kid assumes that you are already good in cooking. Actually, this is not true at all. Take note that nobody’s perfect in all aspects of life, especially in cooking. It’s okay for you not to be a perfect cook, as long you are doing your best for your kids.Kids-Need-To-Clean-Their-Plates

Myth #3: Kids Need To Clean Their Plates

This is another myth that you should be looking at. It is said that most of the parents would like to see their kids clean their plates after eating. Not that they’re going to clean it by washing, but rather see that there are no more leftovers.

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You do know that these kids have limits, right? They have their own limits on how much can they eat on a daily basis. Kids are eating smaller portions than yours as parents. It’s an absolute no to you in encouraging your kids to eat all of their remaining food on the plate due to their limits.

Myth #4: Lean is Healthy

You may think that having a lean kid has been healthy already. This is what you really assumed nowadays rather than being overweight at all. Actually, this is not true at all. You know why? You are not created to be perfect, especially health. Your kid needs to be provided with the right amount of micronutrients to stay healthy and protected.

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Myth #5: Children Need Special Food For Them

Another myth that you really need to learn as a parent is that these kids need special kiddy food. You don’t need to microwave kiddy-sized foods for them. You can just simply cook the way you want to be, and you just simply give them small portions of food that they could afford to eat for long.

Two-Step Process Of Eating Meals

Myth #6: Two-Step Process Of Eating Meals

You might say that eating in a two-step process is already true, but it is just a myth. The process of sit down and put in mouth is a big no-no. This is where most of you believe. But do you also believe that in every aspect of life there’s a learning curve? Of course, especially when it comes for you to feed your kids.

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You do understand that children tend to be picky in terms of food texture, in which you need to learn what sort of foods are they willing to eat, In other words, this is something that you should be looking forward to before they’re going to put something into their mouth.

Myth #7: Kids Should Not Get Messy With Their Food

This is going to be another myth that parents are believing nowadays. When there’s an opportunity for them to eat, you may expect that you definitely force yourself to clean what’s outside of their mouth. The truth is that when foods are all around their mouth, kids can learn themselves on how to clean it through their senses.

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Before taking their first bite, they seem to learn something about the food texture temperature, and taste. It’s kind of annoying when you see their mouth is a mess, but it’s an advantage for them to identify something with what they’re eating.

Myth #8: A Kid Is Healthy When Provided With Proper NutritionA Kid Is Healthy When Provided With Proper Nutrition

Parents assume that kids are healthy when already provided with proper and balanced nutrition. This is what most of you really believed in. Yet again, you might forget that proper nutrition is not really good enough to make your kid healthy for most of the time.

Your kid still needs his or her cells to be protected with the right amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Eating healthy foods alone can’t guarantee your kids to be healthy, and you need a lot more than that.

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Myth #9: Multivitamins Are Perfect Replacements For Fruits And Veggies

Actually, this is essential for your kids to be provided with the right amount of micro-nutrients needed by his or her cells. The truth is that these multivitamins can’t function well without the presence of the remaining nutrients that comes from the fruits and vegetables that you feed to the kids nowadays.

Final Words

Now that you’ve finally learned all about the food myths for parents to their kids, it’s time for you to share this with other parents who still hasn’t realized something. It’s okay to believe in these myths, but now you have to learn what you should believe in for your kids to be fed with the foods you provide.