Home Remedies for Toothache - 8 Best Home Remedies for Toothache You Should Know

8 Best Home Remedies for Toothache You Should Know

Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is among the most common oral problems. It can occur to everyone, from children to adults. There are many reasons leading to toothache, and some of them are gum disease, an infection, cavities, a loose filling, an exposed tooth root, a cracked tooth or jaw joint disorder.

If you notice some of the following symptoms, it is possible that you have toothache: earache, headache, trouble swallowing or breathing, chills and fever, mouth pain, tooth pain and inflammation, etc.

In general, those who have toothache have to endure pain and swelling as well as uncomfortable feelings. It is essential to treat toothache right after you notice the first signs, because it can affect your life adversely. Treating toothache is not too difficult if you take use of natural remedies which are both simple and effective.

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Below are some of the best home remedies for toothache that you should know:

1. Garlic

Among various natural remedies to treat toothache, garlic is one of the most effective ways. It is because it can relieve your pain and discomforts caused by toothache instantly. It has been proven that the high content of antibiotic and other powerful medicinal properties present in garlic can work to eliminate the activities of bacteria.

garlic for toothache

There are several ways you can follow to use garlic. You can combine garlic powder with an adequate amount of salt to make a paste, then cover directly tooth pain with this mixture to reduce pain and swelling.

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Another way is to chew 1 – 2 garlic cloves to speed up pain relief more quickly. To get the best results, it is recommended that you follow one of those above ways daily until you get rid of the pain.

2. Cloves

If you are struggling with toothache, you should never neglect cloves. This herb is ranked as one of the most powerful ways to fight the condition. Cloves are rich in anti-anti-bacterial, antioxidant and inflammatory properties which make it an ideal remedy for tooth problems, such as tooth infection, tooth abscess or toothache.

cloves for toothache home remedies

In addition, cloves are packed with a phenylpropene called eugenol, with the ability to fight toothaches as well as sore throats. You just need to dab the affected areas with the mixture of some clove oil drops and water, using a soft cloth or a cotton ball

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3. Green Tea Leaves

Another excellent remedy to combat toothache is green tea. Green tea leaves are loaded in floral, catechin and acid tannic which are all beneficial to improve your tooth health.

Green Tea Leaves for tooth ache

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It is very simple to utilize green tea leaves. You just have to chew washed leaves for several minutes twice daily to wipe out the pain and discomforts caused by toothache.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint has been famous as one of the best ingredients of any treatment for toothache or toothpaste. It is due to the enormous amount of anti-inflammatory qualities it contains, it assists in relieving soreness and swelling.

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fresh Peppermint for toothache

All what you have to do is chew thoroughly several fresh peppermint leaves so that the medicinal properties can absorb into your teeth and gum. Alternatively, you can hold dried leaves against the tooth which are having pain.

Another effective way is to gargle your mouth with the solution of 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves and 1 cup of warm water. Do this everyday your toothache will gradually disappear.

5. Turmeric

You may not know that turmeric is also a wonderful natural remedy for toothache. Besides numerous health benefits for metabolism, intestinal systems, etc. the spice has been used as one common ingredient of many natural toothache treatments.

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Turmeric for pain relief

It contains antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities, which are excellent in relieving pain by toothache. It is advisable that you apply the affected areas with the paste made from 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and some water.

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You can apply the paste directly on your teeth or use a cotton ball. In addition, you can mix turmeric with cayenne or honey to make it more effective. It is also useful to consume turmeric or a turmeric supplement to treat the condition.

6. Onion

Don’t forget onion if you have toothache. Because this spice is jam-packed with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which are capable of controlling toothache effectively and help you relieve the painful feeling instantly.

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Onion for pain relief in teeth

The strong properties present in onion work to attack the germs which are the key reasons of infection. All you have to do is to chew raw onion for several minutes to reduce pain. If you can’t stand its strong flavor, you can put raw onion on affected areas to destroy bacteria and gradually get rid of the pain.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Another useful remedy for toothache you should remember is tea tree oil. This tea provides you with a huge amount of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, it contributes to calming nerves, reducing swelling in the gums, and passing through your teeth to destroy harmful bacteria causing toothache.

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Tea Tree Oil for toothache remedies

Directly applying tea tree oil on the affected areas with the help of a cotton ball is useful to get an immediate relief. Alternatively you can add some drops of tea tree oil to 1 glass of warm water and wash your mouth with the solution.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is famous for many health benefits, and one of them is to reduce toothache. This ingredient is abundant in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are helpful in killing the harmful bacteria which cause toothache.

Apple Cider Vinegar for tootache pain relief

All you have to do is apply a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar and leave it on for a while to get the satisfied results.

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