7 Harmful Products for Fitness Fans

The secret of effective workouts is simple: proper and balanced nutrition. But among the many products on the shelves, it’s hard to find something useful. And understand what negatively affects the productivity of physical activity. Let’s find out what is harmful to those who love fitness and exercise.

White Rice

Contrary to what most people think, there is almost nothing healthy about white rice. In its manufacture, the grain is cleaned from the shell, which just and contains the necessary micronutrients for the body: potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins. The ground product contains starch, some fiber, protein, and fats. As an alternative to white rice, it’s better to buy brown or wild rice – the grain remains in a shell containing healthy components and fiber.

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Carbonated Beverages

Water in them is saturated with gas with the help of carbon dioxide. It has a negative effect on the body: it causes flatulence, heartburn, constipation, and destroys the enamel of teeth. Besides, carbonated drinks are empty calories because they contain a huge amount of sugar.

Skimmed Dairy Products

Some people think that the less fat the product contains, the more chances not to get extra centimeters on the waist. This fact is as myth as the fact that betting via the best sportsbook India is risky. Everything in dairy products is balanced, they are whole, no compounds are broken. In the process of skimming, the value decreases, fatty acids disappear, the intestines are less able to cope with digestion, and the calcium is practically not absorbed. So, it isn’t recommended to give up milk, cottage cheese or cream with normal fat content.

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Alcoholic Drinks

If you close your eyes to the fact that alcohol in general has a detrimental effect on the human body, then fans of fitness with it should definitely be careful. The most dangerous: beer, cocktails, cider, and sweet wine. They contain a huge amount of carbohydrates and sugar, which leads to a retention of excess fluid in the body. Hard alcoholic drinks, though not saturated with carbohydrates, are caloric. Dry wines and vermouths and champagne brut would do the least harm, as they are practically devoid of sugar. Although you should be aware that regardless of the type of alcohol it’s harmful to the body. So, you should always be thoughtful about its consumption.

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Mayonnaise and Ketchup

Ketchup contains stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives and chemical dyes, and almost 20% sugar.


Mayonnaise contains trans fats. They lead to oncogenesis, atherosclerosis, increase the risk of diabetes, and impair the immune system. Besides, plastic packaging also poses an additional risk. The vinegar in mayonnaise and sauces sucks out carcinogenic substances, which then enter the body.


If you read the label from ketchup or cheese sauce, it’s clear that they are harmful not only for those who are keen on fitness, but for anyone. What’s not in there: mountains of starch, tons of sugar, thickeners, preservatives, dyes. In short, nothing useful, sheer chemistry and extra calories. However, if you choose carefully, you can find a natural product, but it will cost more, and stored – less. It’s desirable to prepare sauces yourself: on the basis of sour cream or yogurt, herbs and spices, fresh vegetables and oil.

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Fast Carbs

These are products that are more of a weapon for the advertisers than something really useful for the body. You can see a lot of commercials on TV: delicious porridge in 30 seconds, a balanced breakfast – a mixture of cereal and muesli, etc. In fact, most “instant foods” are practically devoid of fiber, but generously laden with sugar. They don’t satiate for a long time, very soon the feeling of hunger returns.