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6 Quick Style Rules for Every Plus Sized Women

Are you denying for fashionable outfits? Then you are amongst those people who have lost interest in life, being a plus-sized woman. Well, to speak the naked truth, barring some few exceptions the skinny and petite women are always ruling the fashion ramp shows. They have learnt to perfect their walk and style with the help of 6” heel on the runways.

Gone are those days when you would be called sexy only if you are size two! The Kardashians and Beyonce broke this notion when they showed off their curves. The common mission that every lady have in her life is to stay stylish. Just because you are plus size doesn’t mean that you are not confident, beautiful, or stylish.

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If you are one who is there on the plumper side, then you need to deal with the limited choices along with the confusing styles. In case you don’t have a fortune to spend but you are always interested about the fashionable outfits, then here are some of the fantastic tips that will help you make the right styling decision.

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#1. The Old Rule: Never Wear White!

The New Rule: Wear Fitting Garments of whatsoever color you like.

Why So?

According to celebrity stylist Susan Moses, “The key to flattering garments is fit, and not color.” “White would not make you feel larger if you get to grab the right pieces. Similarly, black won’t make you look slimmer if you are not able to get a proper fit for yourself,” says Moses.

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While you are opting for white clothing, Moses is a fan of the white jeans and ruched dresses on the top, in particular. Make sure that you avoid the flimsier fabrics so that you don’t end up highlighting any bumps.

Instead of this, pick those materials that have extra thickness. This will ensure that your undies don’t play peek-a-boo when you are doing some activity.

#2. The Old Rule: Striped ones are enemy!

The New Rule: Don’t draw the line at stripes indiscriminately.

Why So?

Plus Sized Women Fashion

The key as well as the secret to achieve a stylish yet decent look for a plus size lady is to wear for the outfits that suits your persona and figure as well. You need to choose for the clothes that suits you and makes you feel comfy, be it striped!

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Go for the clothes that flatters your body and shape. Make sure that you look elegant comfortable at all times, irrespective of the occasion and time of the day. While choosing your perfect garment, you should know your measurements at first. It will minimise your confusion with the inconsistent sizing.

#3. The Old Rule: Button Down Shirts are unflattering!

The New Rule: Button-down shirts would complement your curves.

Why So?

The former Biggest Loser contestant, Nicole Brewer says, “Button down shirts complement curves.” He further continues that

“Look for one that has stretch and design details that create shape, like darts, ruching, and wrapping.” While you wear a jacket or cardigan or any other blazer, your appearance will shrink. The reason being this will shrink your midsection appearance and elongate your figure. As a result, you will feel yourself to be heightier as well.

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Style Rules for Every Plus Sized Women

#4. The Old Rule: Stick to the Basics and not Trends!

The New Rule: If it floats your boat, go for it.

Why So?

There are many people who are of the opinion that you need to stick only to the basics and not update yourself according to the trends. But let me tell you very sincerely that this is not at all true for the current generation.

The fashion and the updates in it is a never ending process. So when you would wear an outdated fashion, then in spite of being a fashionable individual, you would be called either a boring or uninteresting person. So make sure that you stay updated to all the trends in the fashion industry and apply on yourself as well.

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#5. The Old Rule: Dressing in Monochrome Is Always Slimming!

The New Rule: Don’t abuse it, Use it!

Why So?

Many would be of the opinion that go for a single color, I would sincerely suggest that you go for the combination of the colors. This is because if your combine various hues, then the highlight won’t be on a single color and this would distract the viewer’s vision. So that is why you should make Monochrome your best friend.

While choosing colors, make sure that you opt for the solid and bright colors the complexion that suits you. The colors can include Red, Pink, Pop-Green, and lot more of such similar colors.

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#6. The Old Rule: Baggy Clothing Hides a Multitude of Sins!

The New Rule: The Fitter, the Better.

Why So?

Generally, the girls with jelly belly figure try top hide the same by switching to baggy clothes, especially their tummy portion. However, this is just a misconception. This is because when you wear extra-sized outfits, it actually makes you look more voluptuous than before or you actually are.

So what you need to do is to embrace your clothes and opt for the garments that would actually salve your figure and not degrade the same and in a right way.