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5 Things You Need to Take Better Care of Your Bras and Panties

Care of Your Bras and Panties

No matter how much you invest on your lingerie; if you fail to take proper care of it, it wouldn’t last longer. Most of the lingerie brands pack their items with information on how to wash and dry the lingerie. However, we often ignore these instructions and end up reducing the life of our lingerie. Following are the 5 things you need to take better care of your lingerie.

1. A Good Collection Of Lingerie

Yes, you heard it right. You need a good collection of inner wears to take better care of your lingerie. You should always rotate your bras. This off in-between wears is important for the stretchy materials to return to their proper shapes. The same rule goes for panties like Cosabella Sexy thongs, G-strings as it comes in sexy yet delicate fabrics.

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2. A Gentle Detergent

Remember your inner wears are delicate and you should not expose them to harsh detergents. Prefer hand-washing your lingerie so as to reduce the amount of loss caused. This will keep you lingerie look new for a longer time. It is also important to wash similarly colored lingerie together so that you don’t end up destroying the light colored lingerie. In case you don’t have any other option but to use a washing machine, put your inner wears in a lingerie wash bag in order to ensure they don’t get snagged or twisted. Never put your lingerie into the dryer.

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3. Crush Proof Bra Bag

Every girl must own a few pairs of crush proof bra bags as it helps you travel easily with your padded bras. This bag helps you keep the bras organized and also the pads damage free. However, it is important to read the user instruction before packing. These crush proof bra bags come in very cute and attractive designs to choose from.

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4. Lingerie Wash Basin

Lingerie wash basin makes it way easier for you to hand wash your inner wears. People often use their regular bathroom basin to wash the inner wears. However, you cannot soak your pretty undies like Cosabella Sexy thongs G-strings in a basin. Also, washing your inner wears in a separate washtub helps you ensure hygiene as you are not using the tub for any other purpose.

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5. A Separate Box In Your Cupboard

You also need a separate box or drawer in your cupboard so store your undies in an organized way. It will help you reduce the chances of damage caused to your delicates and also keep it handy.

We all wish our favorite undies to last longer, but often ignore the basic things that should be done to take better care of them. Make it a habit to follow the instructions above and you will be surprised to see how long your lingerie lasts. Never miss to read the instructions that come in the packet. Stay fashionable and wear your favorite undies longer.

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