Face Exercises to Lose Weight in Your Face - 10 Best and Proven Face Exercises to Lose Weight in Your Face

10 Best and Proven Face Exercises to Lose Weight in Your Face


Your face is the most striking part of your body. So, you should try and look your best at all times. If you want to have a chiselled jaw line with high cheek bones you must practice the following ten facial exercises on a regular basis.

#1. Chin Lifts

Perform this exercise while sitting or standing. Face your head towards the ceiling while keeping your eyes fixed and tighten your lips, hold and count till ten seconds and relax.

#2. Lips Pull

Do it in a sitting or standing position. You need to push your lower jaw out so that your lower lip gets lifted up. You will feel the built up strain in your jaw line and lower muscle. Feel the pressure for ten to fifteen seconds and relax.

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#3. Jaw Release

While keeping your lips closed you have to move your jaw and take a deep breath and breathe out while humming. Next keeping your tongue pressed within your bottom teeth open your mouth. Remain like this for five seconds and breathe in and out.

#4. Fish Face

Fish Face Exercise

You can perform this exercise anywhere and anytime. While trying to smile just suck in your cheeks and lips and hold the posture for five seconds. You will feel the tension in your jaws and cheeks.

#5. Blowing Air Exercise

You must sit on a chair keeping your spine straight, try and tilt your head as far as possible so that you face the ceiling, blow out air from your mouth while pulling your lips. Continue for a few seconds and relax.

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#6. Drop Jaw Exercise

You must drop your lower jaw while sitting. Try to feel the tension build up in your cheeks while you push your jaw outwards. Stay in this position for ten seconds and move back your jaws. Do this ten times.

#7. Simply Smile Exercise


While keeping your mouth closed try smiling as wide as possible and avoid parting the lips. You must stay like this for ten seconds and relax. This must be repeated ten times.

#8. Neck movement Exercise

Keeping your head straight move your neck as far behind as possible then open your mouth and close it slowly. Gradually you will feel a tension building up in the muscles of your lower jaw and neck. Stay like this for ten seconds and repeat for five times.

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#9. Tongue Sticking Exercise

Tongue Sticking Exercise

Pull out your tongue and touch your chin with the tip of your tongue. Remain in this position for ten seconds and then release. Repeat ten times until you feel a slight strain in your lower cheek.

#10. Air-Inhaling Exercise

Inhale air inside your mouth and put your lips together with your mouth shut. Try and move the air inside your mouth from side to side. Repeat for five minutes.

If you do follow these exercises on a regular basis along with healthy foods purchased by availing the discount coupons then you can have a slim face with chiselled jaw line and high cheek bones that will simply make you look very attractive and hot.